How to Differentiate; What Makes a Good Value Proposition

Whether you’re planning to embark on a new lead generation campaign or change the look and feel of your website, it is essential to reexamine your marketing and communications messages. If they do not adequately convey the value proposition of your technology solution, your target audience will not connect.

We work with your executive team to identify, craft, and implement the right message for each audience and channel…from words to pictures…from video to tweet. We know how to reach your buyers. Your partners. Your media outlets. Your future employees.

Message Development

Our Approach

We start with “hands-on” sessions that we moderate with your executive team…drilling down on discussions of product or company strengths and weaknesses, competitor perceptions, areas of differentiation, and more. We examine industry reports and explore current media coverage of your industry. Finally, we talk to your customers and prospects through direct interviews or focus groups.

Our Deliverable

We deliver a Message Architecture slide deck that becomes the foundation of all written and online materials going forward. It contains the key message statements, elevator pitches, one-line descriptions, 50 word descriptions and the key themes that matter and differentiate you.

Focus Groups and Research

Focus Groups

Understanding market reaction to and need for your technology product or consulting service before launching an extensive, national roll-out will ensure you hit the mark and hit your sales projections We will provide a turn-key approach to focus groups–from scheduling the sessions, inviting participants, creating the program script and moderating it–so your executive team can hear first-hand how your market perceives your new or enhanced offering.

Audience Surveys

We provide a complete approach to designing audience surveys, conducting the research and analyzing results. We present the findings to your team in a way to support creation of relevant new messaging that is aligned with marketplace realities.

Web Sites and Brochures

Content Creation

We take the input and feedback from Message Workshops and Focus Groups and turn it into completely new or revised content for your web site and collateral materials that will resonate with your many audiences.

Graphic Design

Our web designers and artists can deliver a new or refreshed website look and feel that aligns with the new messaging that supports marketplace feedback. This image is critical to your brand and we can carry it out in updating your sales presentations, investor road shows, sales brochures and a complete suite of corporate identity and branding materials.

Our Clients Include