Company News

May 2019

May 2nd — Participated as a panelist at the ConnectPreneur Forum in Columbia, MD. 7th — Luncheon Speaker at the DC PowerUp Conference during Small Business Week. 17th — Presided over NWBC Public Meeting in NYC on women’s entrepreneurship challenges and the Council’s plans.

April 2019

April 24th — Moderated a panel as Chair of NWBC during the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Annual Summit in DC on Access to Capital for women business owners.  April 30th — Delivered welcome remarks on behalf of NWBC to attendees at the annual convention of the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) in Charlotte.

March 2019

Mar 6th —  Spoke at Women Impacting Public Policy Roundtable for the Small Business Caucus on Capitol Hill.  Spoke on behalf of NWBC on challenges facing women business owners. Mar 20/21 — Spearheaded NWBC roundtable in Iowa with Sen. Ernst on issues impacting women business owners in rural communities. Mar 28/29 — Chaired the first NWBC orientation meeting of the new Board of Directors in Washington DC.

February 2019

Feb 11th —  Featured in a Fireside Chat at Merrill School of Journalism at U-MD.  Feb 13th — Participated in Dingman Angel investor meeting with startup founders pitching for capital.  Feb 15th — Chaired first Board of Directors virtual meeting for National Women’s Business Council. Feb 20th — Invited to present keynote address at Women’s Leadership Luncheon during the National Association of Homebuilders annual convention in Las Vegas.  Feb 25th — Joined Venture Committee of Vinetta Project to review applicants for first pitch event in DC.  Feb 28th — Invited to speak on an angel investor panel sponsored by Montgomery County for regional startups.

January 2019

Jan 9th — Invited to Women In Tech’s Reception honoring new female members of Congress. Jan 10th — Joined investors to hear Halcyon Incubator’s startup cohort presentations. Jan 16th — Presided over Opera Camerata’s Kids Program at Horton’s Kids in DC.  Jan 23rd — Invited to TEDCO’s Advisor Luncheon Update on programs for startups.

December 2018

18th — Interviewed on Fox Women’s Business Report for the National Women’s Business Council

November 2018

5th — Moderated a discussion on “Go-to-Market Strategies” during the HERimpact conference at Georgetown University. 14th — Invited to the Vinetta Project’s “Founders and Funders Dinner” in DC.

October 2018

3rd — Invited by BEACON DC to present a live webcast, “Ask Me Anything”, for DC female founders to seek business advice. 10th — Joined Dingman Center Angels for monthly meeting to hear startups seeking funding. 16th — Participated in the JPMorgan ‘The State of Women in Business” roundtable at the St. Regis in DC.  23rd — Conducted a workshop, “Determining Your Startups Value Prop” for the George Mason Entrepreneurship Center. 25th — Interviewed SBA’s Linda McMahon in a fireside chat as part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the National Women’s Business Council in DC.

September 2018

20th — Presenting opening remarks at “First Demographics of the Entrepreneur” Workshop at U.S. Census Bureau. 25th — Presenting remarks as Chair, National Women’s Business Council at the Annual Convention of the Association of Women’s Business Centers. 26th –Participating as a Venture Committee member in the Vinetta Project final pitch competition of the year. 27th — Conducting a workshop, “Marketing on a Shoestring” at 1776 during DC Startup Week. 28th — Serving as judge and mentor for company pitches at TEDCO.  28th — Providing office hours for mentoring startups affiliated with BEACON DC.

July/August 2018

13th — Presenting a “Lunch and Learn” Marketing Workshop at WeWork Labs.

June 2018

13th — Serving as a judge for the HeraHub female founders’ Pitch Competition. 19th — Presenting a webinar, “Marketing for Startups”, for the BMW Urban-X cohort founders in NYC.  20th — Joining other Venture Committee members at the second Vinetta Project Pitch Competition in DC.

May 2018

3rd — Chair the Board of Advisors meeting of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship; provide remarks at the 4th Annual Rudy Awards. 8th — Participate in the Women’s High Tech Coalition. 24th — Serve as judge at the NFTE Pitch Competition at the W Hotel in DC.

April 2018

25th — Chief promoter for the 24th Annual Genesys Venture Dinner & Forum in NYC. 27th — Moderator for the TEDCO Female Founders Roundtable.

March 2018

1st – Participated in the Circular Summit 2018 in DC for female founders. 20th — Invited to the Women’s Capital Access Conference at the Embassy of Canada. 21st — Featured speaker on a Smith School webinar, “Branding: Why We Fall in Love with Things.” 21st — Judged the first Vinetta Project’s Pitch Showcase for 2018.

February 2018

1st – Invited to join the Board of Advisors of BEACON DC. 13th – Chaired the Board meeting of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship. 22nd – Presented a marketing workshop to Maryland entrepreneurs as part of Launch Workplaces. 26th – Selected to provide advice to the new cohort of founders at Halcyon during their pitch day.

January 2018

11th – Joined investors at Halcyon incubator to hear cohort pitches. 23rd – Participated in “DCA Live” event celebrating top local entrepreneurs. 30th – Presented a workshop on Branding to the Founders Institute cohort in DC.

December 2017

7th – Joined the latest Mindshare Class at the graduation celebration in Tysons Corner. 12th – Panelist:Pitch night for the BEACON DC Initiative.

October 2017

6th – Invited to hear TEDCO portfolio companies practice company pitches at PITCH DAY at UMB BioPark. 13th – Joined other ‘startup’ community leaders and MD Delegate Sandy Rosenberg to discuss ways to enhance support to founders. 25th – Served as panelist on Women & Minority Fast Pitch session during TEDCO expo.

September 2017

14th — Attending two big local networking events — Connectpreneur and Vinetta Project. 19th — Chairing Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship board meeting; followed by attending the Bob Hisaoka speaker series inaugural event featuring Ted Leonsis.  20th — Invited as a Tedco mentor  to join a roundtable with the new Tedco president, George Davis. 25th — Participating as a panelist in the 4th Annual Wharton Innovation Summit. 28th — Joining angel investors from Mid-Atlantic Angel group at their monthly company pitch meeting in Frederick, MD.

August 2017

9th–Joining review team at TEDCO to screen companies seeking early stage funding. 25th–Screening companies seeking funding from Dingman Center Angels. 28th–Kicking off first night teaching MBA Class, “Marketing Strategy” at the Smith School of Business in the DC campus.

June 2017

7th–Will join Dingman Angels at final pitch meeting and golf tournament at U-MD. 12th — Presenting a workshop on bootstrapping your startup at the Founder’s Institute cohort in Bethesda. 13th–Participating in the MAVA TechBuzz gathering in Crystal City. 14th–Chairing the Board meeting of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship. 21st–Presenting a workshop on using PR and Trade Shows as a low-cost way to build buzz and brand at the City Garage accelerator in Baltimore. 29th–Presenting a “Lunch and Learn” session at Bethesda Green incubator on using channel partners to speed market adoption.

May 2017


4th–Will deliver remarks as Chairman of the Board of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship at the 3rd Annual Rudy Awards. 16th–Featured speaker at a workshop on Targeting the Right Market sponsored by the Betamore incubator in Baltimore.  17th–Judging early stage company pitches at the Halcyon incubator in Georgetown.

April 2017

6th–Will judge the SBA InnovateHer business pitch competition at HeraHub in DC.  10th–Will participate on an investor panel workshop at the Halcyon incubator in DC.

March 2017

7th–Will judge the University of Maryland campus-wide student business pitch competition. Nearly $30,000 prize money will be awarded.  10th–Will moderate a panel of women angel investors at the “Ladies First” forum at the Smith Business School sponsored by the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship.

February 2017

1st–Will chair tonite’s Board of Advisors meeting of The Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship.  8th–Monthly investor meeting of the Dingman Center Angels — 3 bright startups will make their funding pitches.  21st — Will serve on a panel of female founders discussing lessons learned, sponsored by the Founder Institute.  22–Will join Maryland TEDCO executives to review 2 startup companies that will pitch for funding. 23rd–Will conduct a workshop on developing a value proposition to the portfolio companies of Betamore in Baltimore. 28th — Will serve on a panel sponsored by the High Tech Woman’s Coalition on “Empowering Women Entrepreneurs” for members of Congress and their staff in DC.

January 2017

3rd — Today is the first day of the Smith School MBA Class Liz teaches, “Business-to-Business Marketing”.  It features 14 company CEO’s that will present unique cases studies on their own marketing challenges.  12th — Office hours at TEDCO feature Liz who will be available to answer founder questions about go-to-market issues facing their company. 15th — Contributed to The Washington Post “Business Rx column” — some advice to a construction industry software startup.  18th — Screened several Md-based startups seeking seed capital from TEDCO — the state’s investment arm in small business.

December 2016

4th — Read Liz’s column in The Washington Post, Capital Business section featuring advice to startup, Orate.  7th — Participating with the Investor Committee of the Vinetta Project to define the Pitch Competition parameters for next year.  13th — Joining staff of New Dominion Angels to screen 5 companies and selecting those to pitch the angel group next month.  14th — Moderating the Entrepreneur’s War Stories Panel at the Winter Connectpreneur Forum in Falls Church.

November 2016

2nd — Liz participates on an Investor Panel as Chair of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship during the Fall MAVA TechBuzz event…20 early stage company founders present their best pitches. 9th — ETC Incubator in Baltimore hosts Liz and Elana Fine of The Dingman Center to provide mentoring and advice to startups. 14th — Tedco Entrepreneur Expo features the panel session, “How Will You Validate Your Market” featuring Liz and some startup company founders. 15th — NVTC hosts a workshop and angel investor panel featuring Liz and other Dingman Center angel investors.

October 2016

5th — Liz kicks-off first Dingman Board of Advisors meeting as the new Chair. 6th — Attends Mid-Atlantic Angels meeting in Frederick to hear companies pitching for early stage funding. 13th — Joins Dean Alex Triantis and other Smith School attendees at Women Who Mean Business Awards ceremony at the Four Seasons in DC. 28th — Panelist at the Smith Business Summit at the Omni Shoreham.

September 2016

14th — Liz joins colleagues at Dingman Angels to hear pitches from early stage companies seeking funding . 16th — Kickoff session for mentoring Staffbase — a German/American accelerator portfolio company. 21st —  Tedco review session for TCF applicant companies. 22nd — Speaking presention on Investor Pitches at the Frederick, MD Entrepreneur Workshop.

August 2016

17th — Liz joins Review Team at TEDCO to screen companies seeking early stage funding from TCF . 25th — Liz participates in screening companies that applied to pitch the Dingman Angels at their September breakfast meeting.

July 2016

Liz  conducts some mentoring/advising calls to Tedco portfolio company CEO’s throughout the month. Liz presents a session on Marketing and Branding in Bethesda on the 25th to entrepreneurs participating in the Founder’s Institute. Liz joins other Tedco mentors in holding office hours in Columbia, MD  for portfolio companies seeking business and strategy advice on July 29th.

June 2016

Liz  joins Dingman Center Angels on June 8th at the annual Golf outing and founder funding pitches. New client, Metalogix, reviews custom employee communications program developed by Best Marketing. Liz assists NYC client from the German American accelerator complete a company messaging overhaul.

May 2016

Liz is invited to a special luncheon celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship at the Robert H. Smith School of Business on May 5th.  The 2nd Annual Rudy Awards take place there later that evening. New client kick-off with Subject-7 takes place on May 6th. Liz joins fellow adjunct faculty from the Smith School at the Dean’s Reception on May 16th. Henry Ahn, Director of the Tedco TCF Fund, invites Liz to participate in a company review day on May 18th. Liz begins mentoring sessions with a new German-based startup — Viasto–based in the NYC Accelerator on May 23rd. Liz invites female entrepreneurs to join her in attending the Vinetta Project’s quarterly networking program in DC.

April 2016

On April 6, Liz participates in the quarterly portfolio review at the German American Accelerator in New York City. On April 12, Liz joins fellow angel investors of New Dominion Angels at their monthly dinner meeting to hear two company pitches. This session is held at American University’s Kogod School of Business where student entrepreneurs do demo’s of their own products during the reception. Liz attends the annual Brown Advisory ‘NOW’ conference at the Reagan Building on April 25th and joins fellow Dingman Angel investors at the quarterly ConnectPreneur conference in Bethesda on April 28th.

March 2016

On March 2nd, Liz kicks off a series of 5 weekly Marketing Workshops for company founders and CEOs as part of the Business Innovation Network of Montgomery County. On March 8th, Liz addresses entrepreneurs on the subject of Marketing Plan Development. The session takes place at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship as part of the Camp, Inc. series of programs. On March 24th, Liz will kick-off the Foundry Cup Day in Crystal City with a session on Leveraging PR to Build Awareness. The conference is sponsored by Eastern-Foundry.

February 2016

Liz joins fellow angel investors from Dingman Center Angels and New Dominion Angels for the monthly pitch meetings to hear ‘shark tank’ type pitches from company founders seeking seed funding. Eastern-Foundry, the Crystal City accelerator with shared office space for early-stage government contractors, invites Liz to provide office hours to meet and coach founders on marketing issues.

January 2016

Robert H. Smith School B2B marketing class takes place. Liz teaches large group of MBA students…inviting local CEOs to present actual case studies on real marketing challenges. As a mentor in the German-American Accelerator in NYC, Liz provides coaching to two early stage tech companies from Berlin. Liz participates in the screening panel of tech companies seeking funding from Maryland’s TEDCO organization.

December 2015

UMBC’s Research and Technology Park has invited Liz Sara to deliver a presentation to the high tech startups in the region at a December 8th E2E Series on Creating a Winning Value Proposition. Bethesda Green Incubator will spotlight Liz Sara at a noon Lunch & Learn presentation on December 17th.

November 2015

Liz Sara will host part-time MBA students attending the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the DC campus for a ‘Pitch Dingman’ night on the 23rd… Eastern-Foundry, the shared office accelerator for government contractors based in Crystal City, featured Liz Sara for an afternoon of mentoring on a variety of marketing topics. Among the speakers at the annual Tedco Expo will be Liz Sara, who will join a panel discussion on what angel investors look for in early stage tech companies. The 4th Annual Smith School Business Summit featured a panel on entrepreneurism that included Liz Sara, and was moderated by Elana Fine, executive director of the Dingman Center. The DC SBA InnovateHER contest featured 10 woman-owned companies presenting their businesses to a panel of judges, including Liz Sara. Three winners were selected to go to the next round.

October 2015

Eastern-Foundry, the shared office accelerator for government contractors based in Crystal City, invited Liz Sara to present an educational workshop on Marketing during their week-long Academy. Tedco executives invited Liz Sara to join the monthly pitch session as a judge, evaluating early stage companies seeking funding. Liz Sara, adjunct Marketing professor at the Robert H Smith School of Business, kicked off an MBA Venture Practicum class. The group will work on a semester-long project to assess the market opportunity in Asia for a local company to expand.

September 2015

New Dominion Angels invited Liz Sara to participate in its regular screening session to select companies to pitch to member investors. Liz Sara attended Springboard’s Dolphin Tank at the DC Hera Hub, shared office for women-owned ‘sol-preneurs’. Strategic Capital Partners of Frederick, MD invited Liz Sara to the monthly dinner of entrepreneurs and angel investors. Vinetta Showcase held a networking reception and panel discussion on entrepreneurism in DC…Liz joined the standing room only crowd. Liz Sara was invited to hear early stage entrepreneurs pitch their company in hopes of getting an invitation to the upcoming Dingman Center Angel investor meeting. July. The Maryland Incubator located in Silver Spring invited Liz Sara to present a workshop on marketing early stage products at their location.