Company News

Q4 2021

Q 4

October 18th —  Invited as a presenter during DC StartupWeek, delivering a talk on “Little-Known Secrets to Getting Angel Checks.”  October 19th — Invited to a Podcast Interview on “Sylvia and Me” on “Women Entrepreneurship and The Pandemic”.


Q3 2021

Q 3

July 14th — Invited for an interview on the podcast, “The Monthly Blend” with Shulman Rogers and Connectpreneur hosts.  July 21st — Invited to Blu Ventures Angel Group pitch session to screen startup founders seeking investors.

August 10th — Invited to judge the “ShePitch Pitchmasters Prep Session” features female founders of Maryland.

September 30th — Invited as a panelist at the “Women Building Bio” conference to discuss startup company funding options and careers in finance.


Q2 2021

Q 2


April 13th — Invited for an interview and taping on the video program, Your Living Brand, about my entrepreneurial journey and my work with startup founders.  April 14th — Invited for an interview on Women’s Radio about my role as Chair, National Women’s Business Council.  April 15th — Invited for an interview on the new Innovation and Entrepreneurship podcast. April 20th — Invited by Citrine Angels to moderate the virtual conference: Founders & Funders.


May 5th — Chaired the National Women’s Business Council roundtable on Women In Government Contracting. May 10th — Invited to join the Advisory Council of the Women’s Business Collaborative. May 26th — Delivered a workshop on ‘Launching Your Product” to the female founders of Bahrain cohort of the Halcyon Incubator in DC.


June 1st — Invited to join the Advisory Board of Enterprising Women Magazine. June 3rd — Invited to judge the DC Metro Region’s Business Pitch Competition of high school students, sponsored by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). June 7th — podcast on “BreakThrough with Lisa Gable” goes live featuring the topic of female entrepreneurship and the role of the National Women’s Business Council in supporting it.


Q1 2021

Q 1

January 4th — Quoted in Forbes article, “How Policies Aimed At Female Founders And Investors Can Reignite The Economy”.  January 19th — Invited to participate in a “fireside chat” about the NWBC efforts to assist female founders with Hera Hub executive director Julia Westfall.  January 29th — invited as a conference speaker at the annual summit of Women In Cloud.  January 29th — invited to be interviewed in a Fireside Chat at the virtual DC Live event.

February 26th — Video interview with founder of WahWoman goes live.

March 16th — Conducting a workshop on Marketing for DC-certified small business owners. March 23rd — Invited to screen startup founder pitches by TEDCO.  March 31st — Interviewed as Chair, National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) in a national Fireside Chat webinar.

Q4 2020


October 2nd — Interviewed on AngelLink series on women entrepreneurs on an Instagram Live program.  October 8th — Interviewed on the YesSheMay podcast series about female founder challenges related to Covid and access to capital.  October 9th — Interview on Richtopia published.


November 6th — Published blog article, “The Nuts and Bolts of Angel Investing” on Next.law  November 10th — featured speaker at Thryv Connect20 small business virtual conference: “Financing Options During Covid-19”


Presented the fiscal year annual report for the National Women’s Business Council to Congress, the SBA and The White House, including recommendations to help female founders and women business owners across the country.

Q3 2020


July 13th — Interviewed on podcast, One Green Planet, about women entrepreneurs and what they can do to help their community.  July 13th — Quoted in Triple Pundit blog on “The Post Covid Economy Needs Female Entrepreneurs.  July 17th — Interviewed by Barry Moltz, host of The Small Business Radio Show, about the issues that NWBC is currently addressing to help women-owned businesses.  July 27th — conducted virtual meeting as Chair, NWBC, with staff members of the House Small Business Committee to discuss what female small business owners need in the next wave of emergency government funding. July 28th — Chaired a virtual roundtable on Women In Stem. July 31st — read my bylined article, “5 Steps to Heal Our Country,” published in Authority Magazine.


August 6th —  Featured at the TIE-DC “Women Who Inspire” virtual conference. August 11th — read my bylined article, “How to Find Angel Investors” published in the Next.Law blog. August 21st — Interviewed on podcast, EntreprenHer Show, about woman business ownership trends.  August 25th — Delivered a workshop for startups on Public Relations strategies for the Center for Advancing Innovation. 


Sept. 1st — Interviewed and quoted in the article, “Paycheck Protection Program for Female Business Owners,” published by U.S. Insurance Agents.  Sept 2nd — Delivered a speech during the Association of Women’s Business Centers Annual Conference about the role of NWBC. Sept 14th — Interviewed on Buzz TV’s “Igniting Success” show about the activities of the National Women’s Business Council.  Sept 16th — Invited as keynote speaker at the Northern New England Women’s Investor Network virtual conference to discuss angel investing and access to capital issues for women entrepreneurs.  Sept 16th — Joined angel investor colleagues at Halcyon Incubator in DC to hear founders of social impact startups pitching for capital. Sept 23rd — Provided mentoring to female tech founders during the Vinetta Project DC chapter program for startups.  Sept. 29th — Chaired the public meeting of National Women’s Business Council to share the Council’s recommendations to Congress, The White House and SBA.

Q2 2020


April 28th — Discussed SBA’s PPP program issues with SBA Administrator to ensure women business owner participation.


May 4th — Interviewed on WJLA-TV in DC about small business pivots during Covid-19.  May 5th — published a blog post on Next.Law on what startups learned from the SBA PPP program.  May 8th — Interviewed about female entrepreneurship on a webinar sponsored by the Southern Crescent Business Alliance.  May 15th — published an article in the Charleston Business Journal on women in business.


June 4th — Interviewed on a webinar sponsored by PrettySmartFoundation about being a non-techie entrepreneur in the tech sector.  June 8th — Interviewed on a webinar sponsored by Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center on what’s next for women small business owners after Covid-19 and how NWBC is engaged. June 8th — Read my article in Meadowlands Magazine, “Champions for NJ Women Business Owners.” June 9th — Chaired the first virtual, Public Meeting for NWBC to share our 2020 priorities.  June 11th — Delivered a webinar sponsored by SeedSpot on how small business can reignite after the pandemic shut down. June 25th Invited to join a panel on Access to Capital for women entrepreneurs during the virtual International Association of Women in Aviation conference.  June 26th — Quoted in article on CreditCards.com, “Women Struggle to Keep Businesses Afloat During the Pandemic.”  June 30th — Invited as panelist for the 2020 PowerUpDc virtual conference.

Q1 2020


January 16th — Read my blog post in DMV CEO on what’s unique about being an entrepreneur in the DC area. January 17 — Read my article about the National Women’s Business Council in Business Mogul Magazine.  January 23rd — Conducted a workshop at the Betamore incubator in Baltimore; “What Angels Want.”  January 25th — Read my article published today in Authority Magazine about my entrepreneurship journey.  January 29th — Featured speaker on NWBC Webinar Series Kickoff — Impacting Policy and Connecting Voices.


February 19th — Listen to my podcast about my startup journey on The Entrepreneur’s Way.  February 24th — Sponsored the Springboard’s GWomen Dolphin Tank student pitch night at George Washington University.  February 26th — Conducted a Women In Small Business Roundtable as Chair of NWBC in Puerto Rico.

Nov/Dec 2019

November 12th — Invited to join the roundtable at AARP to discuss the state of entrepreneurship, on behalf of National Women’s Business Council.  November 13th — joined investor colleagues of Dingman Center Angel network to hear pitches from area startups.  November 20th — Invited by local chapter of WPO (Women Presidents Organization) to address members about role of NWBC to advocate for female founders. December 19th — Invited to participate in a Fireside Chat at the Merrill Lynch Women Investment Conference.

October 2019

October 9th — Chaired the National Women’s Business Council Roundtable for women small business owners in Boise, Idaho. October 13th — Join the panel on “Getting a Seat at the Table” during the NAWBO Annual Convention.  October 21st — Joined NWBC staff in briefing Sen. Mark Warner’s staff on the issues NWBC is advocating to help female founders. October 29th — Moderated the keynote panel during the Tedco Expo in College Park, MD.

September 2019

Invited to speak on several panels during DC Startup Week: Sept 9th — 13th….”Why is the Sales Cycle So Slow”…..”What Angel investors Want”… “Tips on Raising Capital” and “How the National Women’s Business Council Helps Female Founders”.  September 17th — Chaired the NWBC Women in Business Roundtable in Los Angeles, CA. September 24th — Chaired the Washington, DC Public Meeting of the NWBC.  September 25th — Delivered a Conference Presentation at the Annual Convention of the Association of Women’s Business Centers in Alexandria, VA.  September 26th — Delivered a keynote talk at the United Women In Business event in DC.

July/August 2019

July 25 — Hosted NWBC Roundtable for women business owners in Austin, TX.  Aug 6th — Hosted NWBC Roundtable for women business owners in St. Petersburg, Fla. In addition, briefed Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Charlie Crist on the current activities of the NWBC in supporting female founders. August 19th — Invited to the 10th Annual Power Conference in Bethesda, MD to address women business owners about the mission of National Women’s Business Council.

June 2019

June 3rd — Joined fellow Venture Committee advisors to select the applicants that will present at the Vinetta Project Pitch Competition in DC.  June 5th —  Joined fellow angel investors at the Dingman Angels’ monthly meeting to hear startups pitching their company for funding. June 20th — Served at a panelist at the NABOE monthly meeting, discussing key things every entrepreneur should know. June 24th — presented a keynote session during the WBENC conference about the role of NWBC and its current goals to support female founders. June 25th — Presided over the NWBC Roundtable in Baltimore to discuss ways to encourage women founders to start companies in STEM fields. June 27th — Served as a judge in the Potential Energy DC “startup pitch night” in DC.

May 2019

May 2nd — Participated as a panelist at the ConnectPreneur Forum in Columbia, MD.  7th —  Invited to deliver Luncheon Keynote Address at the DC PowerUp Conference during Small Business Week. 17th — Presided as Chairman of the Board of  NWBC during the Public Meeting in NYC on women’s entrepreneurship.

April 2019

April 24th — Moderated a panel as Chair of NWBC during the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) Annual Summit in DC on Access to Capital for women business owners.  April 30th — Delivered welcome remarks on behalf of NWBC to attendees at the annual convention of the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) in Charlotte.

March 2019

Mar 6th —  Invited as a Roundtable Presenter during  at Women Impacting Public Policy forum for the Small Business Caucus on Capitol Hill.  Spoke on behalf of NWBC on challenges facing women business owners. Mar 20/21 — Spearheaded NWBC roundtable in Iowa with Sen. Ernst on issues impacting women business owners in rural communities. Mar 28/29 — Chaired the first NWBC orientation meeting of the new Board of Directors in Washington DC.

February 2019

Feb 11th —  Featured in a Fireside Chat at Merrill School of Journalism at U-MD.  Feb 13th — Participated in Dingman Angel investor meeting with startup founders pitching for capital.  Feb 15th — Chaired first Board of Directors virtual meeting for National Women’s Business Council. Feb 20th — Invited to present keynote address at Women’s Leadership Luncheon during the National Association of Homebuilders annual convention in Las Vegas.  Feb 25th — Joined Venture Committee of Vinetta Project to review applicants for first pitch event in DC.  Feb 28th — Invited to speak on an angel investor panel sponsored by Montgomery County for regional startups.

January 2019

Jan 9th — Invited to Women In Tech’s Reception honoring new female members of Congress. Jan 10th — Invited as an angel investor to hear Halcyon Incubator’s startup cohort presentations. Jan 16th — Presided over Opera Camerata’s Kids Program at Horton’s Kids in DC.  Jan 23rd — Invited to TEDCO’s Advisor Luncheon Update on programs for startups.

December 2018

18th — Interviewed on Fox Women’s Business Report for the National Women’s Business Council

November 2018

5th — Moderated a discussion on “Go-to-Market Strategies” during the HERimpact conference at Georgetown University. 14th — Invited as a member of Vinetta’s Venture Advisors to the Vinetta Project’s “Founders and Funders Dinner” in DC.

October 2018

3rd — Invited by BEACON DC to present a live webcast, “Ask Me Anything”, for DC female founders to seek business advice. 10th — Joined Dingman Center Angels for monthly meeting to hear startups seeking funding. 16th — Participated in the JPMorgan ‘The State of Women in Business” roundtable at the St. Regis in DC as Chair of NWBC.  23rd — Conducted a workshop, “Determining Your Startups Value Prop” for the George Mason Entrepreneurship Center. 25th — Interviewed SBA’s Linda McMahon in a fireside chat as part of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the National Women’s Business Council in DC.

September 2018

20th — Presented opening remarks at “First Demographics of the Entrepreneur” Workshop at U.S. Census Bureau as Chair, NWBC. 25th — Presented remarks as Chair, National Women’s Business Council at the Annual Convention of the Association of Women’s Business Centers. 26th –Participated as a Venture Committee member in the Vinetta Project final pitch competition of the year. 27th — Conducted a workshop, “Marketing on a Shoestring” at 1776 during DC Startup Week. 28th — Served as judge and mentor for company pitches at TEDCO.  28th — Provided office hours for mentoring startups affiliated with BEACON DC.

July/August 2018

13th — Presented a “Lunch and Learn” Marketing Workshop at WeWork Labs in DC.

June 2018

13th — Served as a judge for the HeraHub female founders’ Pitch Competition. 19th — Presented a webinar, “Marketing for Startups”, for the BMW Urban-X cohort founders in NYC.  20th — Invited with other Venture Committee members to the second Vinetta Project Pitch Competition in DC.

May 2018

3rd — Chaired the Board of Advisors meeting of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship; provided opening remarks at the 4th Annual Rudy Awards. 8th — Invited to participate in the Women’s High Tech Coalition. 24th — Served as judge at the NFTE Pitch Competition at the W Hotel in DC.

April 2018

25th — Produced the 24th Annual Genesys Venture Dinner & Forum in NYC. 27th — Moderated the TEDCO Female Founders Roundtable.

March 2018

1st – Participated in the Circular Summit 2018 in DC for female founders. 20th — Invited to the Women’s Capital Access Conference at the Embassy of Canada. 21st — Invited to present a webinar, “Branding: Why We Fall in Love with Things”, to the Robert H. Smith alumni.  21st — Judged the first Vinetta Project’s Pitch Showcase for 2018.

February 2018

1st – Invited to join the Board of Advisors of BEACON DC. 13th – Chaired the Board meeting of the Dingman Center of Entrepreneurship. 22nd – Presented a marketing workshop to Maryland entrepreneurs as part of Launch Workplaces. 26th – Selected to provide advice to the new cohort of founders at Halcyon during their pitch day.

January 2018

11th – Joined investors at Halcyon incubator to hear cohort pitches. 23rd – Participated in “DCA Live” event celebrating top local entrepreneurs. 30th – Presented a workshop on Branding to the Founders Institute cohort in DC.